Following the murder of a tattooed woman, German police arrest an asylum seeker from Syria

A turnaround in the case of the body found in Kaiserslautern. According to a spokesperson of the Western Palatinate police headquarters, a 31-year-old suspect was arrested in his flat in Kaiserslautern on Wednesday. The man was brought before an investigating judge. He denies having committed the crime. At the request of the public prosecutor’s office, the court ordered pre-trial detention because of the risk of absconding. The man was taken to a prison.Meanwhile, the investigation is ongoing. The identity of the woman killed in the city centre nine days ago is still unknown. So far, the police have been given 140 clues about the crime by the public. It is unclear when further results of the investigation will be published.For the time being, the investigators are not telling how they got on to the suspect’s trail. However, they are hoping for further clues – especially the identity of the victim. In which surroundings a potential witness might have actually witnessed something important can possibly be deduced from the additional information that a police spokesperson has given on the person of the arrested man: He is a 31-year-old asylum seeker from Syria. The investigators cannot completely rule out the possibility that the victim is also an immigrant, but it seems rather unlikely.The police are still asking for information that can help to establish the identity of the woman who was killed. She is said to be 35 to 50 years old and had a flower tattoo on her lower right leg.,-nach-leichenfund-polizei-nimmt-tatverd%C3%A4chtigen-fest-_arid,5149593.html

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