Germany: Only a ridiculous four years in prison for Giuseppe’s Iraqi killer

Four years in prison for the manslaughter of Giuseppe (†26) – that is the sentence of the Cologne Regional Court against the Iraqi Rechuas B. (25). He had stabbed the young German-Italian on March the 7th and injured him so badly that he bled to death in Cologne. The crime near the Aachen pond was a puzzle for a long time. Finally, the investigators got on the track of Rechuas.

The accused, who was acquainted with the victim, admitted the stabbing, but claimed it was self-defence. The court did not follow this explanation.

Giuseppe was the boyfriend of Rechua’s sister. The secret relationship was said to have ceased to be harmonious at the latest after an abortion became known. Giuseppe had informed the accused Iraqi and two of his brothers about the abortion in a chat room and had insulted the sister savagely.The prosecution had requested eight and a half years imprisonment. In the end, the court assumed that the case was less serious. The verdict is subject to appeal.

The 26-year-old and the 25-year-old had agreed on a face-to-face meeting at the Aachen pond in the evening after the quarrel via chat. In the course of the discussion, Rechuas pulled out a knife and stabbed Giuseppe in the back. The victim was said to be heavily intoxicated.

The Italian-born father of a girl (5) was found injured in the street shortly afterwards.

Witnesses called the emergency doctor, but even the paramedics could not save Giuseppe. He bled to death.

Only a few days before the terrible crime, father Antonio had spoken to his son on the phone: “He was in a good mood, talked about his school, his work, asked how I was doing. He was a family man.”

After the terrible act, the world collapsed on him. “I’ve been feeling empty ever since, walking around the city like a robot,” says the father.

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