Attacker who stabbed two French policemen was following ‘de-radicalization programme’

Three French municipal police officers were attacked and two were injured in Bollène, in southeastern France by a young immigrant of 20. Youssouf Hannouni is registered on the file for radicalization of a terrorist nature (FSPRT). He had been following a “de-radicalization programme”.

The attacker was trying to break into a house armed with two ceramic knives for reasons unknown. This information from two police sources, was confirmed by the weekly Journal du Dimanche (JDD) site.

The attacker, released from prison in May, had followed a deradicalization programme because of the arrest of his brother in the Iraqi-Syrian zone, regional broadcaster France 3 learned from a source close to the investigation.

The two municipal police officers arrived on the scene of the break-in and tried to stop the culprit on adjacent land. He then tried to stab the officers, injuring two of them. One of them was struck in the neck, one of these sources said.

During his assault, he had shouted “Allahu Akbar”, it was further specified from the same source. He was then arrested after the police officers used an electric tazer gun on him and was placed in police custody.

The investigation, opened by the Carpentras prosecutor’s office, was entrusted to the Montpellier judicial police. The national anti-terrorism prosecution has been notified but has not taken up the case at this stage.

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