Germany: Syrian refugee already raped several little girls

A little girl was lured into a flat by a 21-year-old man last Wednesday and raped there. The Ansbach Criminal Investigation Department is now appealing to the public and is looking for further alleged victims.

On December 15, 2020, a girl on her way home from school in Ansbach was lured into a flat by a 21-year-old Syrian national under a pretext and severely sexually assaulted there. The suspect was arrested on the same day and has since been remanded in custody.

Initial criminal investigations by the criminal police in Ansbach revealed concrete evidence of at least one further case of serious sexual abuse of a female child. According to initial interrogations, this assault occurred in July 2020, also in Ansbach.

The criminal investigation department in Ansbach is currently conducting numerous interrogations and examining further traces and clues. Based on the current results of the investigation, it cannot be ruled out that other children or adolescents, both boys and girls, have become victims of the alleged suspect.

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