Germany: Because she wanted to break up with him, an Albanian kills his wife and daughter

The murdering father apparently deliberately spared his youngest daughter (14 years old)!

After the bloody deed in Isselburg (11,100 inhabitants) in Münsterland, the police revealed further details this afternoon. A man (51 years old) had killed his wife (46 years old) and his daughter (17 years old) in a semi-detached house in the morning. Then the Kosovo-born Albanian hanged himself on the veranda using a white and blue rope.

“According to initial findings, the 51-year-old man wanted to kill his wife and the mutual two children,” said senior public prosecutor Martin Botzenhardt.

Asami S. had phoned an acquaintance living far away and confessed to her that he had done something bad to his family. The witness immediately called the police, but the officers arrived too late.

The police found the 14-year-old behind a door that was locked from the outside. According to the newspaper BILD, the investigators assume that the teenager was deliberately spared by her father. He had also threatened her with death, but did not carry out his intention.

The girl is receiving psychological help from experts. The couple’s eldest daughter (21 years old) is living in another city.The Münster police set up a homicide squad, meticulously secured traces of the crime until the evening. In the meantime, it is clear that Elfete S. (who worked in a company producing bed linen) wanted to separate from her husband. Allegedly, the couple also lived apart, the husband last inhabited a room in the basement. There are two letterboxes at the entrance of the red-brick house.

An acquaintance (37 years old) told the tabloid BILD: “I saw the second daughter just a short time ago. It is simply unbelievable. How can a man do such a terrible thing to his family?” Elfete S. had been going for frequent walks with her sister lately – the mother of three had been looking very grave and depressed, neighbours reported.

The bodies of the two women and the suspected perpetrator were taken to the forensic department in the afternoon. The investigations are ongoing.,view=amp.bildMobile.html

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