Days of bloody clashes between Syrian family clans in a small German town

A fight between two rival families in the downtown area of Singen led to a major police operation on Monday afternoon and evening. Shortly before 2 p.m., the police were reported by an emergency call of a fight between 15 to 20 mostly youths in the area of the Sacred Heart Church in Singen. Several police patrols had to be deployed there to calm the tensions. Two 15-year-olds were slightly injured in the fight, which was fought with clubs and stones. A 20-year-old suffered serious injuries. He had to be taken to hospital. Two suspects aged 15 and 31 have been provisionally arrested. Due to the large number of persons involved, the incident is still unclear.A short time later, at around 3 p.m., another clash started between two groups at Friedrich-Ebert-Platz square. There, the occupants of a minibus were attacked by several persons, some of them seriously injured, when the car had to stop in Rielasinger Street. A knife was also being used in the process. Before a police patrol arrived, the attackers managed to flee. During the immediately initiated search, one of the fleeing vehicles was stopped a short time later and the five occupants were temporarily arrested. An intensive search was conducted for the second vehicle. It was found in a hall in Rielasingen-Worblingen during the night. The Swiss cantonal police also arrested a 53-year-old suspect at his home in Schaffhausen during the night.A 42-year-old passenger of the minibus suffered such severe injuries that he had to undergo emergency surgery in a hospital. Two passengers, aged 28 and 53, suffered serious injuries as a result of the attack. Both persons have been admitted to hospitals as in-patients. All are currently out of danger.

Why the conflicts occurred and how they are connected is still completely unclear. All persons involved can be related to Syrian extended families. Further investigations by the criminal investigation department into the background are ongoing. The police assume a connection with the assault in Singen the weekend before ( 5th of December).

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