Germany: Two Moroccan refugees brutally tortured a man to death – he painfully bled to death

The North African bled to death slowly and painfully. When the investigators broke into his room in the municipal refugee shelter in Lohmar on the morning of July the 15th, they were confronted with a horrible sight: The 45-year-old lay tied up on the floor, dead, his face shattered and hardly recognisable, his whole body full of cuts and bruises. The emergency doctor could only confirm his death.The Bonn public prosecutor’s office brought charges against two Moroccan refugees on Tuesday December the 1st, according to court spokeswoman Saskia Wielpütz, who was asked by the prosecutor. The 28 and 29-year-old men are accused of murder out of greed, cruelty and for enabling a crime to be committed – namely aggravated robbery.According to the indictment, the two refugees, who were then living in the Central Accommodation Facility (CUE) in Sankt Augustin, tortured their later victim for more than two hours in the early hours of the morning, kicking, stabbing and cutting him. They are said to have struck his head with a metal table leg at least 20 times with full force, cutting not only the upper and lower eyelid but also the right eyeball.

In addition – according to the results of the autopsy – his right shinbone had been broken, as had his left ulna, and an index finger was smashed. With a pair of stolen Nike trainers and a mobile phone of the victim, the suspects left the accommodation at 6 a.m. The victim, who was dying, remained tied up.

The two Moroccans were arrested on the same day. In Siegburg, they were drunk and smeared with blood when they were arrested. When the police arrived, the younger one had left on the Line 66 in the direction of Sankt Augustin, the other one was taken into police custody. A small stab wound in his chest was treated. His buddy was later arrested in the refugee accommodation. The duo could quickly be linked to the dead man in Lohmar.The two defendants, who arrived several years ago as refugees and were only tolerated for a limited period, have so far remained silent on the accusations. Only the younger one is said to have declared to an expert that they had used and drunk cocaine together. Suddenly he was attacked by the 45-year-old with a knife. But he does not remember anything else.The prosecution does not rule out the possibility that the three men – who probably knew each other from the drug scene – spent the previous day or even hours before the deadly escalation together in Bonn and finally accompanied the 45-year-old North African to his accommodation in Lohmar. What might have caused the excessive violence, however, is still unclear. Residents of the house had heard screams, beating, hammering and breaking glass in the early morning, as the guard book of the accommodation records – also that a pair of scissors and a knife were found underneath the dead man’s room.All this must be investigated by the Bonn jury court. The trial will start next year at the earliest and has not yet been scheduled.–fluechtling–45–gefoltert—er-verblutete-qualvoll-37764476

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