Germany: Berlin Social Democrats do not want to ban clan criminality but do want to ban the use of the term “clan criminality” because Arab clan members may feel racially discriminated against

The Berlin Social Democratic Party (SPD) wants to abolish clan crime. But it is not the crime it intends to eradicate, but only the term. For the SPD is particularly concerned about “migrant Berlin businesses”. As long as the police call a spade a spade, they are subject to “discrimination” in the course of raids.The political “Working Group on Migration and Diversity” in the SPD claims that there has been “an increase in attacks on businesses run by people with a history of migration”. The daily Berliner Zeitung suspects that this refers to the large-scale controls and police raids in districts where foreigners live, such as Neukölln and Kreuzberg, which have been intensified for over a year. It reports: “Heavily armed police forces regularly march here, checking and searching shops and shisha bars that are considered to be part of the clan milieu. If the SPD has its way, this should be over.For this reason, on October 31st, in the course of the Berlin SPD party conference, the party introduced a motion to “protect migrant businesses”. In the future, the SPD wants to work towards abolishing the term “clan crime” in official use. According to the Berlin SPD, the police should no longer be able to refer to the crimes referred to as “clan crime”. The party believes that the use of the term will ultimately only end in racism and discrimination.However, SPD politician Franziska Giffey replied in the course of the state party conference: “Good politics begins with saying what is. We are dealing with organised clan crime in the city, which makes life difficult for the people”. With this view, however, Giffey is now a minority. The motion was accepted by the SPD delegates.The SPD demands that “the number of police forces deployed be limited as far as possible and that disproportionate heavy armament be avoided” and that the police be trained “in how to prevent discrimination in the conduct of official duties”.

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