Austria: Four teachers of Islam among the suspects after the anti-terror operation Luxor

In the course of the operation Luxor, four teachers of Islam have come under the suspicion of the police and the judiciary. The public prosecutor’s office in Graz confirmed a corresponding report by the newspaper “Kurier” to the news agency APA on Thursday. Among the teachers are one man in Vienna and three persons working in Styria.The Imam with Egyptian roots who works in Vienna is accused of having attended events of the Muslim Brotherhood. The investigators had also overheard telephone conversations in which purchases of land and houses were discussed. The newspaper reported that two Styrian teachers of Islam had been suspended from their duties by the Styrian Education Directorate until further notice.Two were in the primary school sector and one was apparently sent by a religious community, which means that the Directorate of Education has no jurisdiction. All three were summoned to give testimony. In addition, the Inspectorate for Islamic Religion had been informed and would now examine the cases.One of these teachers is accused of having been a member of a well-known and controversial mosque and of having attended events organised by the Muslim Brotherhood.It is said that the Sharia was glorified and an Israel flag was burned. The man is also said to have insulted Christians as “idolaters and sons of pigs and monkeys”. According to investigations, another man was planning children’s books for the purpose of missionary work. Another is said to have spread dubious ideologies in lessons with primary school children.More than 70 people are under investigation by the public prosecutor’s office in Graz in the second week of November in the course of Operation Luxor. The investigations are focused on supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and the banned terrorist organisation Hamas.

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