Germany: Social Democratic Party (SPD) youth organisation shows solidarity with Israel-hating Fatah youth organisation

Do the Young Socialists (Jusos) have an anti-Semitism problem?

At their federal congress this weekend, the junior members of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) passed a motion in which they expressed their solidarity with the extremist Palestinian organisation “Fatah Youth”.

The paper praised the group as a “sister organisation”.

But the fact is: The Fatah youth denies Israel’s right to exist, threatens with terrorist attacks and spreads anti-Semitic content on the internet!

Don’t the Jusos know what kind of Israel-haters they are showing solidarity with?

During a demonstration of the Fatah Youth 2018 in the West Bank, members wore dummy explosive belts and called for a war on Israel.The logo of the Fatah Youth is a map of Israel – dyed in the colours of the Palestinian Authority. A Jewish state does NOT exist in this map. On the Facebook pages of the Fatah Youth cartoons are distributed in which Israel is demonised and anti-Semitic clichés are used.

Remko Leemhuis of the American-Jewish Committee in Berlin warns: “We are very irritated by this motion and the fact that it has been adopted.

And the Jusos on the other hand? They remain silent! Neither the outgoing head Kevin Kühnert (31) nor his designated successor Jessica Rosenthal (28) wanted to comment on an enquiry by the tabloid BILD.

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