Germany: Afghan stamps mother of five to death

He kicked her so brutally that the woman died of her head injuries!During an argument, a 38-year-old man is said to have kicked his wife in the face, so that she died a short time later of a craniocerebral trauma.The 38-year-old man has been on trial in Oldenburg since Friday for the killing of his wife. The charge is manslaughter.

The Afghan is accused of having kicked the 33-year-old violently in the face while arguing in July. The woman died a few days later in hospital.
The couple from Afghanistan, who have five children, lived separated. On the evening of the crime, an argument in the woman’s flat had escalated. The children were also present in the flat. They were taken into care by the Youth Welfare Office.
The Oldenburg Regional Court has scheduled several trial days until January for the trial.

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