Turkish-born Kadir H., alleged victim of police brutality, attacks police officers once again in Hamburg, Germany

He is 15 years old, has the massive body the size of a twenty-year-old – and he is quite obviously simply unteachable.

Junior boxer Kadir H. has once again attacked police officers. And he is defeated again: In the end he found himself at the police station and his mother had to pick him up. Now – once again – he is under investigation for resisting the police officers.

Kadir H. is not unknown to the police, he likes to make a fuss about being a victim of alleged police violence. This was last time in August, when it took eight policemen to bring him down. H. had previously pushed police officers who wanted to establish his identity.

The new case: On Thursday evening at 6.40 pm, officers were called by local residents to a brawl among eight youths onthe street Neuer Steinweg. One of them was Kadir H..This was confirmed by the police at the request of the tabloid BILD.

Because the mood was aggressive, eleven police cars finally arrived. The most aggressive: 15-year-old H. He tried to escape, tried to push the officers aside, attacked them.

They had to use pepper spray, brought Kadir H. to the ground, tied him up. Two officers were slightly injured. Then they went to the police station at Steindamm.

H. is known to the police. He has been convicted of intentional bodily harm, among other things he kicked a teacher in the abdomen. Further accusations are coercion and insult.

Apart from so-called “educational measures” there have been no punishments so far. Will it be different this time?

When Kadir’s mother left the police station with her son, she is said to have blamed the police for his misbehaviour again.


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