Water cannon and pepper spray deployed against peaceful German protesters but 400 guests at the funeral of an Arab clan head despite tightened Corona regulations

At a funeral in Bremen, contact restrictions and hygiene rules were ignored. Water cannons or pepper spray were not used by the police despite the violations.

In Bremen, the police nevertheless attended two funeral ceremonies held for one person within three days. The person in question was a head of the family from Lebanon. Around 400 guests gathered at a Bremen cemetery to celebrate his funeral. However, funerals are currently only permitted with a few guests. Although the participants made every effort to keep their distance, as the police reported, and although disinfectants were available and many wore face masks, various violations of contact restrictions and hygiene rules still took place. Moreover, many of the mourners had come from different cities or even from abroad.

Unlike in Berlin or Hildburghausen in Thuringia, where the police deployed water cannons and pepper spray against peaceful demonstrations against the Corona Lockdown, however, the officers acted with leniency and left water cannons and pepper spray unused for once – although these have recently become very popular against Corona rule violators. Instead, they preferred dialogue and asked the person in charge – a cousin of the deceased – to influence the mourners’ community to prevent infection. They probably showed understanding and gradually left the funeral.Some of the mourners had already become notorious. A few days before the funeral of the head of the family clan, there was already an unauthorised funeral service, at which up to 50 people had gathered in a backyard in tents set up especially for the occasion. The party was discovered when residents called the police because of numerous traffic jams and parking violations. The police then spotted the large crowd in the courtyard, which was said to have hardly complied with hygiene rules and contact restrictions.In contrast to the funeral, however, the guests may have shown little understanding, which is why 33 complaints for violation of the Corona rules were issued. In mid-November, the police in Bremen had already had to ban a funeral service with 80 participants in a mosque, which also led to a serious dispute between members of an extended family.


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