124 high-risk Islamists at large in Germany

There are currently 124 Islamists at large in Germany who, according to the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), are considered to be at “high risk”. This is shown by the Federal Government’s answer to a parliamentary question of the Green Party in the German Parliament, which is published in the newspaper “Welt”.

According to the answer, the high-risk Islamists are divided into 97 so-called ” dangerous persons” and 27 extremists designated as relevant persons. The police always believe that dangerous persons are capable of committing politically motivated crimes of considerable dimensions, including attacks.Persons who take a leading role within the extremist/terrorist sphere or act as supporters are considered relevant persons. In addition, 151 persons are listed for whom there is a “moderate risk”. The basis for the classification is the instrument “Radar iTE”, which the authorities have developed in recent years to better classify Islamists.

According to the Federal Government, it has knowledge of a total of 240 dangerous persons who are not in custody and have been recorded by the authorities nationwide. 135 of these persons have German nationality, a third of them also having the nationality of another state.

Among the 240 dangerous persons there are also 41 Syrians, 17 Russians, seven Iraqis, seven Turks and persons from almost 20 other countries. The nationality of seven of the companions is officially considered “unresolved” – three others are stateless.Some Islamists have been hindered from leaving Germany in recent years. The background to this is that authorities can prohibit departure if there are concrete indications of planned support for a terrorist group abroad.

“According to the Federal Government’s knowledge, 24 persons who are dangerous and 13 relevant persons are currently subject to valid bans on leaving the country”, the Federal Government’s reply states. Especially Islamists who wanted to leave the country for a “so-called jihad area” were considered to have an “increased potential for danger”.

In its reply, the Federal Government also states that it has no knowledge of how many of the dangerous persons or relevant persons have a licence to carry weapons. This is the responsibility of the state authorities.After the deadly knife attack in Dresden in October, the debate about the possibilities of monitoring dangerous Islamists had gained momentum.The suspected perpetrator is Syrian and was released from prison as a classified dangerous person only five days before the attack. Although the authorities wanted to keep an eye on him, he was initially able to commit the crime undetected. Horst Seehofer ( Christian Social Union), Minister of the Interior, announced that he would again check whether deportations to Syria might be possible after all.


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