Zemmour: Rule of law is a pretext to force immigration, abortion, LGBT propaganda on Hungary and Poland

The rule of law concept leveled at Poland and Hungary is but a political tool to force immigration, LGBT propaganda and abortion on these two countries, French philosopher and writer Éric Zemmour said during a political talk show on French news channel CNews.

He said the rule of law was a convenient pretext to force the two countries to accept phenomena against their will.

“What we really want with this notion of rule of law is to force the Hungarians and Poles to submit to the multicultural, feminist and pro-LGBT concept of western countries,” Zemmour said. “We want to impose on them immigration, abortion, LGBT propaganda.”  

“Emmanuel Macron has profited of the crisis by (…) passing a rescue plan that increases the federalization of Europe,” Zemmour said. “Firstly, because it is the Commission and not the member states who go into debt and second, they have introduced to the rule of law a notion which has nothing to do with rule of law itself.”

“What is the rule of law? It is a hierarchy of laws beginning with the constitution at the top (…) and is eventually upheld by judges”, he said. “The rule of law does exist in Poland and Hungary. What we (France) want and what Macron wants has nothing to do with the rule of law.”

Zemmour said the attacks against Hungary and Poland did not take into account either realities or the majority decisions of the two countries in question.

“They say that Hungary and Poland are firing judges. Fine. But did you know that the third French republic was the one which made the greatest elimination of judges because they were all Bonapartists and monarchists?” Zemmour said.

Referring to Poland’s new abortion law which is one of the reasons the country is in the crosshairs, Zemmour said it was a democratic process at work, with associated protest all free to be hold.

“This abortion story, it’s legal. It is Polish justice and Polish democracy and this is the Polish democracy. There are demonstrations against and they are free to protest”, Zemmour said. “But the Polish government has the majority of votes.”

He warned that the veto of the countries should be taken seriously.

“There won’t be any European (recovery) plan if there is even a single country blocking it,” Zemmour said.

Zemmour, perhaps France’s most eminent public right-wing intellectual,  is increasingly popular in France and experiencing record-breaking audiences for his appearances on CNews. Late last month, Zemmour, asserted that mass migration into Europe should be regarded as nothing less than population replacement, a crime against the European peoples, and warned that it would end in bloodshed, Remix News reported.

“Immigration changes the makeup of a people. It is a crime against the European peoples, it will end in bloodshed,” Zemmour said.


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