Despite monitoring by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution: The Hamburg Senate classifies Islamists and left-wing extremists as non-profit and eligible for funding

The Hamburg Senate subsidises extremist associations with financial support. On the one hand, this is provided by donations from the Hamburg Senate. On the other hand, extremist associations are granted tax exemption by recognition of their non-profit status. However, this non-profit status may only be recognised for associations that pursue charitable, humanitarian or ecclesiastical purposes. Extremist groups may be explicitly denied this non-profit status. The Senate is failing to do just that, as is clear from a parliamentary question by the AfD faction. On the contrary: the exemption regulations for these groups are even regularly renewed.In its answer to the question (printed matter 22/1757), the Senate declares: “The Senate therefore categorically rejects the accusation that the Hamburg tax authorities, against their better knowledge, have recognised or denied non-profit status in cases of anti-constitutional activities.So any exemption of non-profit associations in Hamburg would be due to unawareness of the Senate? That seems unlikely. After all, a classification as “extremist” (but not as a suspected case) in the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Landesverfassungsschutzbericht), which is published every year, is generally considered sufficient to withdraw the tax exemption from an organisation. This also applies to the extended version, which is classified as confidential and is submitted to the Senate or the relevant senators.So the point is: whoever is listed as extremist in the report on the protection of the constitution can be denied non-profit status – and nobody can claim not to know about this extremist attitude of a group.However, according to the enquiry, seven groups listed in the extremism report are classified as non-profit. The enquiry refers to “own research and publicly available sources” and refers to written information from various groups about their non-profit status. Of these, two are Islamist, four are left-wing extremists and one is classified under “security threats and extremist efforts”. Among other things, the Islamic Centre Hamburg is to be classified as a non-profit organisation. The Islamic Centre is assessed by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution as an “instrument of Iranian state leadership” and propagates “Islamist ideas”. The Senate does not want to confirm or deny these accusations with reference to tax secrecy.

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