WATCH: Arab mob beats up a victim on suspicion of transsexuality in Frankfurt on the river Main, Germany

According to various media reports, there was a “mass brawl” on Saturday evening in downtown Frankfurt, on the Zeil shopping mile. Focus Online, for example, headlines: “150 people are fighting each other”. However, the term “each other” does not quite capture the facts of the case: Apparently all of them were beating up one person, or gawking and videotaping this. According to the police, the attacked person is a 20-year-old who was insulted by a group in front of the shopping mall “My Zeil”. Finally he was attacked, kicked and beaten. More and more people joined in. The victim was thrown to the ground. Finally, the police intervened at around 8:15 pm.Police data are very few and far between. Even the daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, which is based in Frankfurt with hundreds of editors, concentrates on writing down the scarce information that a press spokesman of the police revealed.However, videos of the scene are circulating on the Internet, suggesting that this is not a “mass brawl” but a mass act of violence against a single person. The perpetrators, or rather the youths watching and sometimes laughing, obviously have a migration background to a large extent; you hear Arabic words in one video.

This video, which was first distributed on Instagram and later on Twitter, bears the commentary of the filmmaker “Transe is beaten to death” and “Frankfurt deadly funny”.
So is this a transsexual who has been attacked because of her transsexuality? A further indication: At the end of the video another one shouts the truncated sentence “Vallah, they have her…”. This is about the attacked person described by the police with male pronouns in the female form. A later published chat history with the filmmaker shows that when asked what the attacked person had done, the filmmaker replied: “Brother, he acted like a fag”.In any case, it would be a plausible explanation for the otherwise difficult to explain course of events; a person is insulted and attacked out of the blue without having done anything wrong. Trans- and homophobia is not uncommon in the Muslim milieu.Especially in Germany, which is always focused on LGBT rights, it is surprising that the press does not seem to have much interest in the exact investigation of the violent attack.The police released arrested persons the same evening and only ordered them to remain away from a part of the Zeil.

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