“You shall burn!” Turk sets fire to ex-wife and son in Hamburg, Germany

This crime shocked the Hanseatic City of Hamburg in spring! At the beginning of May, Kalender E. (50 years old) wanted to savagely kill his ex-wife and children. For his trial he now appeared huddled in a wheelchair.

The horrible father is accused of four attempted murders. On May 1st, he is said to have stabbed his ex-wife (41 years old) in the neck with a razor and then, as well as their son (12 years old at the time), doused them with petrol and set them on fire. Their daughter (then 10 years old) managed to escape from the fire to the balcony. Since Friday morning ( November 13th ) Kalender E. has had to answer to the district court of Hamburg.

On the first day of the trial, the course of events on May 1st was recounted. A police officer on duty testified and the emergency calls that were made to the police and fire brigade were played back.

Particularly frightening: After setting fire to his ex-wife and son, the horrible father Kalender E. shouted in front of the flat: “You shall burn!His ex-wife and son, who was twelve years old at the time of the crime, survived the brutal attack with life-threatening injuries. The woman was in mortal danger for several days after her skin had been burnt to 35 percent. The then ten-year-old daughter was able to flee to the balcony of the apartment building in the Hamburg district of Lurup, escaping serious injuries.

Following the attack, the stateless, Turkish-born man is also said to have set fire to the flat on the street Luruper Hauptstraße. It burned down completely. Kalender E. himself lay in a coma after the fire attack.

The 50-year-old man is charged with four counts of attempted murder because the attacks on his ex-wife are considered two different crimes.

Apparently the mechanical engineer and his ex-wife were arguing about visiting rights for the children. After the divorce about eight years ago, Kalender E. lived in seclusion in a panel building in Eidelstedt. He had no previous convictions.

Neighbours of the man reported that he controlled his ex even after the separation, wanted his son with him. According to the tabloid BILD information his ex-wife wanted to withdraw his visiting rights.


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