Germany: Dog deployed to detect explosives must cover its paws during raid on mosque

The whole insanity of pathologically exaggerated consideration for the “religion of peace”, whose believers like to see themselves as victims and take special rights for granted, whose refusal is promptly reinterpreted as “discrimination” or Islamophobia, was shown by a police operation in Mannheim yesterday – in response to a bomb threat against the Yavuz Sultan Selim Mosque in Mannheim.According to the radio station “Südwestrundfunk”, an anonymous threatening call was made to the largest mosque in Baden-Württemberg. The police, who were immediately called in, had the mosque cleared and cordoned off the surrounding area.But then came the best:the dog deployed to detect explosives first had to cover its paws before it could be let into the prayer room – so that it would not contaminate the ground.For such multicultural cautiousness, to which apparently at least as much importance was given here as to thwarting the threatened attack, there was immediate compliments from the leadership of the local mosque association: the police officers had reacted “extremely sensitively”; that the carpet to which the faithful were bowing was not “polluted” by the dog was “very culturally sensitive”One was ” deeply touched”.Apparently, the German police, increasingly obsessed with anti-racist confessions of guilt, were more afraid that a “Haram” explosive dog could hurt the feelings and sensitivities of Muslims (again) than they were before the bomb itself. By the way, it was a false alarm, so the deployment was unnecessary – but as an anecdote, where in the best Germany of all times the priorities of the authorities are defined, it is always a suitable one.If the Islamic communities based in Germany – especially the devout Muslims who have a socio-political agenda – could only show a small fraction of the cultural sensitivity for the traditions, values and customs of their German host country instead of constantly demanding privileges and consideration for themselves (while at the same time remaining silent on terror and religious violence in the name of Islam), a lot would be done.

4 thoughts on “Germany: Dog deployed to detect explosives must cover its paws during raid on mosque

  1. Diversity insists that all Police Forces train sniffer Pigs, they just might find a concealment of Truffles.


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