The “good guys” are all relieved by Trump’s defeat

by Giulio Meotti

I have seen the actors coming down from their Enchanted Kingdom’s penthouses in Manhattan and dancing ecstatically in the street

I have seen the Chinese Communist Party happily glimpsing an “opportunity”

I have seen sugary writers kneeling seduced by the spirit of the time.

I have seen all the editors uncorking bottles of champagne placed in the fridge four years ago

I have seen Pope Francis preparing to meet the incumbent US President.

I’ve seen organizations that perceive reality like in Philip Dick’s novels congratulating each other.

I have seen the Iranians and Palestinians breathing a great sigh of relief.

I have seen the European Union more lively than ever before.

I have seen the UN taking stock of the money that will flow again.

I have seen US universities already working at re-education courses for the bad white man.

I have seen the celebration in “Cordicopolis”, the city of the heart of Philippe Muray.

I have seen Greta Thunberg smiling again.

I have seen all this and much more and it hasn’t even started yet, but I already miss those “deplorables” of Donald Trump.

Because when the Western self-titled “good guys” are too happy, nothing good is going to happen in the West.

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