Eleven-year-old Muslim threatens teacher with decapitation in Berlin, Germany

At a school in Berlin there has been another serious incident concerning a Muslim pupil. An eleven-year-old made massive threats against a teacher at the Christian Morgenstern Primary School in Spandau on Tuesday.

Karina Jehniche, the headmistress of the all-day school, told the newspaper Tagesspiegel that the female teacher had informed her class of upcoming parent-teacher meetings. “She said that these talks were important because problems would be addressed there. Parents who did not cooperate and participate had to expect negative consequences”.

The student then announced in front of the whole class: “If this happens because my parents didn’t come, I’ll do the same thing to you as the boy did to the teacher in Paris.

The student referred to the murder of the teacher Samuel Paty, who was beheaded by an 18-year-old Chechen because the teacher had shown Mohammed cartoons in class. “The students in the class are completely shocked,” said Karina Jehniche. “I have never experienced anything like this in such severity.”The pupil had already attracted attention a week earlier by violent remarks. Jakub Nowak, a social education worker at the school, told the Tagesspiegel: “I was present when, immediately after the minute of silence for Samuel Paty, the boy declared that it was okay to kill someone who had insulted the Prophet.After the incident on Tuesday, Headmistress Jehniche immediately called the pupil’s mother and arranged a parent-teacher meeting with her.”However, the mother explained to me on the phone that it must be the school’s fault if her son says something like that. She and her husband didn’t think that way”, said Jehniche.


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