German authorities do not know how many dangerous Islamists will soon be released from prison

The German government has no overview of how many Islamists are imprisoned in Germany and when they will be released. After it had become known that the attackers of Vienna and Dresden were already in prison, the Federal Ministry of Justice told the newspaper F.A.S. that it only knew a figure for June 2018. At that time 136 Islamists were in prison nationwide, the date of their release was unknown.Terrorism researchers warn that Islamists do not become harmless in prison. Many who have been convicted since 2010 will soon be released.A survey by the F.A.S. among the justice authorities of the federal states has shown that at least 134 Islamists are still imprisoned nationwide. Some states only give a approximate number, Hesse speaks of a “one-digit number in the upper range”, Thuringia of a “one-digit number”. 13 other states give exact figures. According to this, a particularly high number of Islamists are in prison in Bavaria, namely 31, and in North Rhine-Westphalia, namely 36.Several countries fear a breach of data protection when they say at what time convicts are released. Hesse states that several Islamists will be released between 2021 and 2025, while in Saxony they are due to be released in the coming months. In Saxony-Anhalt two will still be released in 2021. Saarland will release three by 2022. Five will be released in Baden-Württemberg by 2023. In Bavaria, six will be released by 2024. “Our aim in Bavarian prisons is to prevent the radicalisation of prisoners and to deradicalise extremists. That is why there is a broad range of repressive but also preventive measures to achieve this”, said Bavaria’s Minister of Justice Georg Eisenreich.

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