Only 4.5 years imprisonment for a Turk who killed a German fireman, but 10 years imprisonment for a German who set off a firecracker outside a mosque

The case caused quite a stir in Germany. On December 6, 2019, a “young man” known to the police, who was in possession of travel documents for Turkey, Lebanon and Germany, beat a 49-year-old family man to death for no reason. Now a court in Augsburg, where the crime took place, passed the sentence:4.5 years imprisonment for the notorious perpetrator of violence.The manslaughterer attracted negative disciplinary attention a total of 32 times while in remand. The 17-year-old was on his way with two accomplices at the time of the crime. They scrounged for a cigarette from the German Roland S., who did not feel like it and apparently pushed one of the migrant hobby boxers aside. The main perpetrator hit him so hard on the head that a cerebral artery ruptured. He died shortly after the attack, any help came too late. The “young men” smashed half the face of the man’s companion, he survived.The German’s death particularly shocked the public and his former colleagues because he had served as a rescuer in the fire service for a long time. He was considered to be loving and helpful, and would never have spoken out negatively towards migrants. He left behind a wife and a daughter. The pictures of the mourning firefighter comrades circulated all over the world.There was no sign of remorse in the accused. He pleaded self-defence and assistance in the case of emergency. In prison he boasted that he had already beaten someone to death. In ten months in custody, he had to be disciplined for 32 offences. Finally, the defendants apologised and blamed their behaviour on their alcohol consumption. The main perpetrator already had a court record, he was “given a judicial warning” for assault and theft. The raised index finger and a loud ” Naughty, naughty, naughty ” were not likely to have been of any real use to the hot-blooded migrant scion.The judge considered that a sentence of 4.5 years imprisonment “in the name of the people” would be appropriate, and the accomplices got away with probationary sentences. Soon the Turkish-Lebanese “German” will be able to boast of his heroic deeds again in freedom. The maximum sentence for manslaughter in Germany would be 10 years imprisonment, even under juvenile criminal law. In that case, however, the crime would probably have been particularly serious and the perpetrator would have had to be particularly unreasonable or even at risk of recidivism – a fact which the judge could probably rule out.Or else, the Germans who have been living in Germany longer than the new citizens have to accept that one of their own lives is worth a maximum of 4.5 years in prison. Nor should they get the idea of doing “stupid things”, because in Germany you go to prison for 10 years for lighting a firecracker in front of a backyard mosque. This is to make clear the priorities of the German justice system.

5 thoughts on “Only 4.5 years imprisonment for a Turk who killed a German fireman, but 10 years imprisonment for a German who set off a firecracker outside a mosque

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