Muslim pupils in Berlin support the decapitation of the teacher Samuel Paty: Merkel’s seed of Islamisation is taking root

In Berlin, where in some schools more than 90 per cent of the population is of immigrant origin (the majority of whom are Muslim pupils), it is possible to learn what awaits everywhere in Germany over the next 15-20 years – including the world view and basic convictions of the people who are taking Germany as their new home. There, during a minute’s silence at the school Gustav Freytag Schule for the French teacher Samuel Paty (who had had his head cut off by a Chechen Islamist monster in the open street because he had shown the Mohammed cartoons in his classroom), an uproar occurred, which was not very surprising.The ceremony of remembrance (minute of silence), which according to the newspaper “Tagesspiegel” (TS) took place at several schools in the capital, was disrupted at the integrated secondary school in Reinickendorf by a Muslim pupil in eighth grade who declared that Paty “got what he deserved. He should be executed. He had insulted the Prophet.” After the incident, which was promptly brought up for discussion in the school’s teaching staff, four other teachers immediately contacted the school and, according to the headmaster, reported the same in the tenor:”Muslim pupils said that this crime was right, don’t have a minute’s silence for someone like that”.The TS quotes the headmaster, who is also deputy chairman of the Berlin School Headmasters’ Interest Group, as saying: “We have to come to terms with this, it cannot go on like this. This is a relatively big problem in Berlin. We have to “think” about how to reach the “followers, who only parrot such things”. But the problem here is not the parroting of words – it is the internalisation that has already taken place. Many teachers in Berlin are convinced that the Islamist sentiment that has come to light here is widespread among the Muslims of the capital. Another Berlin headmistress explains: “Many Muslim pupils are so hardened in their thinking that they no longer allow other views.The newspaper reports about teachers’ concerns and complaints to politicians; since the attack in Paris, fewer and fewer teachers in Germany feel safe – and more or less openly doubt whether the doctrine of integration was not perhaps a fatal error after all. The Education and Science Trade Union (GEW) has also received reports from teachers who are insecure or agitated and who are worried that “something similar to what happened in France is threatening them”. Even head teachers openly say they are afraid. Teachers have “a queasy feeling” overall.Similar unmasking statements by the Muslim pupils, who increasingly dominate everyday school life and provide deep insights into their upbringing and family socialisation, are also increasingly found on other topics, such as the Middle East conflict or German history. The TS quotes an educationalist as saying: “If you deal with the Third Reich in history lessons, Muslim pupils say: ‘Hey, that’s good that the Jews were exterminated’.And a teacher from Schöneberg reports that a Muslim pupil had virtually ” broken up” the lessons just because the teacher used the word “Israel”.All this is only the beginning, even in this context of “diverse coexistence”. It is no longer possible to stop this thinking in the whole of Western Europe; population substitution is already too far advanced for that – and the German constitutional state, which is in decline, just like the principles of the Enlightenment, is increasingly in decline and no longer affects the followers of an increasingly political Islam anyway.

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