Georgia Goes to a Recount

Whatever happens next, Georgia is going to be at the political epicenter over the next few months. The battle for control of the Senate comes down to Georgia. 

Georgia’s presidential race, not the Senate races, is headed to a recount. It’s got a very slim margin due to the usual urban Democrat political machine voter fraud shenanigans. 

Don’t assume however that a recount is going to fix things. As I wrote earlier, stealing an election is a lot easier than unstealing it. Much like committing a crime requires fewer resources than bringing the criminal to justice.

There were two separate problems, one legal and one illegal, in Georgia, as in many other states.

1. Voter fraud in urban areas

2. Defections in suburban areas

Republicans, as I also wrote earlier, have to beat the voter fraud margin because voter fraud can be hard to prove and then hard to do anything about.

Take the Veritas whistleblower video. Even if the USPS investigation results in any kind of action, that won’t affect the ballots. Individual state and federal employees who were caught, even on video, committing ballot fraud might be charged, but tracking down the ballots they tampered with and invalidating them is a much taller order.

This is why Republicans have to win by high enough margins to beat the voter fraud margin.

Conservatives are up against a fundamentally corrupt system. And the system isn’t going to police itself. In a two-party system where one party cheats aggressively, but controls a sizable chunk of the government, reform is very difficult and requires a long term strategy.

Republicans hadn’t had one and still don’t. That’s the basic reality. 

A strategy means a realistic plan that can close loopholes, deal with fraud, and that can get passed or implemented without any wishful thinking. The Democrats have a plan to steal elections. Republicans don’t have a plan for stopping them.

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