Voter Fraud at Post Office in Swing State Michigan

An election so close that we still don’t know who won 2 days later comes down to one question: how much voter fraud can Democrats get away with? We might find out in the key swing state Michigan.

A whistleblower in Traverse City has spilled some beans to Project Verita. Postal workers reportedly received orders to collect ballots and hand stamp them with the previous day’s date in order to circumvent state law and allow late votes:

Orders to adulterate the date on mailed ballots is both voter fraud and mail fraud. We’ll know how far up the rot goes if there is no criminal investigation.

This is encouraging. James O’Keefe reports that the Office of the Inspector General has taken interest:

This quote from the postal worker strikes home:

“How are we supposed to have any integrity in this country, if we are just going to let things slide?”

If we let voter fraud slide, we will slide our way into a banana republic, ruled over by corruptocrats like Biden.

Characteristically, Twitter appears to be trying to suppress this information.

The Traverse City worker doesn’t like sketchy, so he wouldn’t like what has been going on in Detroit either. The video below appears to show a wagonload of ballots rolled into a Motor City voting area at 4 a.m., the day after the election, when it was too late for them to be postmarked per state law:

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