Threatening Islamist demonstration at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany

Last Friday, 60 young Muslim men marched in front of the French Embassy at the Brandenburg Gate. They all wore the same black jumper with the inscription “Muslim”.

They were protesting against the French government. Their pose reminded of the IS terrorists in Syria and Iraq. On Facebook, they complained that the Prophet was insulted. They would “not keep silent” about these “attacks”.

That was a provocation. The young men simply turned the tables. While Europe is still horrified by the murder of the teacher Samuel Paty in Paris and the triple murder of the Christians in the church of Notre Dame in Nice, they justify the slaughter and complain about the alleged “Islamophobic policy”.

Radical Muslims have never before appeared in Berlin with such uninhibited behaviour. At the same time, others gathered at Hermannplatz square and shouted “Allahu Akbar”, the slogan of the holy warriors.The spectacle was frightening both here and there and makes us aware that it is not just France that is threatened. “Germany and Western Europe are still in the focus of radical Islamists,” says Federal Public Prosecutor General Peter Frank in an interview with the newspaper Welt am Sonntag. “I warn against believing that Islamist terrorism is on the retreat”.In Germany, 620 men with an Islamic background are registered as dangerous, men who are suspected to be capable of an attack at any time. About 60 of them live in Berlin. In Brandenburg, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution warns against radical Muslim Chechens who come from Russia as asylum seekers. They are considered particularly prone to violence. The murderer of the teacher Paty was a Chechen refugee.How do we respond to the threat? Last Monday at 11.15 a.m., the German ministers of culture ordered a minute’s silence for Samuel Paty. The State Parents’ Committee agrees: “We do not want to accept that teachers come to school with fear of violence. This minute of silence is important, but it is not enough.

After the triple murder in Nice, the question of protection for churches also arises. The murderer, a Tunisian migrant, deliberately wanted to kill Christians. Must Christians now be guarded in their church like Jews in the synagogue? Everything suggests that this is the case.

There was already a bad omen in Berlin: On August 30, a priest was knocked down during mass in St. Joseph’s Church in Müllerstraße. The assailant shouted “Whore Maria”; according to the police he was of “south-eastern European” appearance. The victim’s brother demanded a protection concept for churches. This does not exist.In Berlin the danger is not taken seriously enough. Dangerous people are only incompletely monitored and not deported, hate preachers are not noticed. Politicians here refuse to declare war on Islamism, as is now happening in France.

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