WATCH: Muslims are pushing a man wearing a Macron mask across Berlin and beating and humiliating him – Berlin schools are afraid because of the scheduled minute’s silence for the French teacher Samuel Paty

“Allahu akbar” protests characterised the weekend in the Islamic areas of Berlin. Under shouts in Arabic language, for example, a man wearing a mask representing Emmanuel Macron was paraded through the streets on a rope and flogged.

Our Tweet of the day is from Julius Betschka, journalist at the “Tagesspiegel” – He has now made public that there have been far more than a few “Allahu akbar” shouts in Berlin in connection with the protests against France or Macron:

“In recent days there have been Muslim protests against Emmanuel Macron in the Berlin district of Neukölln. On Saturday, a person wearing a mask with a Macron face was disguised, tied to a rope, paraded down the street Sonnenallee by Arabic-speaking men & beaten with belts.

The fact that Macron is portrayed here with a longhaired wig is probably not due to the fact that many of the Islamists who were active here do not even know what Macron looks like. The “Tagesspiegel” reports:

Thomas Fröhlich from the campaign ” Ehrlos statt Wehrlos ” has witnessed the scene on Sonnenallee. His campaign was founded in 2018 in response to homophobic and transgressive attacks in Neukölln – they are left-wing and queer people, members of the Neukölln-based art and club scene.

Fröhlich says: “The fact that Macron is shown here in long blond hair as a fag, symbolizing the West as weak, “abnormal” and decadent, is part of the Islamist propaganda action”.

Some years ago a group of Arabs had whipped a homosexual couple with leather belts across the Kotti Square. At that time, homosexual organisations, politics and mainstream media kept quiet about the incident. On Facebook the report was deleted and I was blocked for four weeks.

Neukölln, which is now dominated by Muslims, is known for its numerous violent attacks on transgender and homosexual people. Only recently, a left-green homosexual association issued a bizarre press release calling on society and politics to pay more attention to Muslim and right-wing extremist homophobia.

Another tweet from Betschka highlights the problem in a significant way:

“The Arab-speaking man with the red and white Kufiya insults the person with the Macron mask as “vermin” and “dog” according to his colleague. The police know nothing of the incident.”

“The man humiliating the person wearing the #Macron mask in #Neukoelln is probably the Syrian-born Youtuber Fayez Kanfash. He was arrested by the @polizeiberlin at Alexanderplatz. This is shown in a video from a fan group.”

A minute’s silence for the murdered French teacher Samuel Paty is scheduled for today at Berlin schools. However, the schools do not await this without concern:

“With a mixture of solidarity and concern, Berlin’s schools are looking forward to the minute’s silence for the murdered French teacher Samuel Paty this Monday. The concern is directed above all at those Muslim pupils who, at home or in their communities, feel more angry about showing the Muhammad cartoons than they do about the murder. Several schools are considering how to avoid or intercept disturbances during the minute of silence”.

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