Chairman of the Central Council of German Muslims has the mercy of a member of the master race in the face of the latest Islamist terrorist attacks: “The Prophet would have been clement”

The comedian takes the floor. Someone should tell us once again that Muslims have no sense of humour:
“Fighting Islamism with Islam
According to Mazyek, the Nice attack was an attack on us, on society, on Europe. The question of guilt is going in the wrong direction”.
In any case. Where do we end up if, in the light of systematic, repeated murders and massacres, the question of guilt and connections is being asked?As we know, nobody does these questions.Fighting “Islamism” with Islam is instead the method of choice. One knows the success from other contexts: Alcoholism is fought with alcohol, militarism with the military, and Mazyekism with Mazyek. Works as sure as eggs is eggs or the Allahu Akbar before the explosive belt is detonated.Another opinion of the Central Council of Muslims (ZdM) stated that Nice was an attack on “us all”. Er no, Mr Mazyek, that was not “us all”, that was an attack on French Christians. Just as all the Islamic attacks and massacres of recent years were directed against indigenous Westerners.Not against you !One more remark on the allegedly merciful prophet: Apart from the fact that it is nonsense, this is definitely not a state that we are seeking. Muslims show clemency, Muslims mercifully let us unworthy kuffar live on, how extremely endearing. One can only show clemency as a member of the master race.

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