German Police Orwell the streets with warnings about new Covid regs

After a supposed sudden increase in the number of Chinese coronavirus infections in Frankfurt, Germany, the city announced they will tighten restriction measures on citizens. The new disturbing discriminatory mandates are just another attempt for Chancellor Angela Merkel and Germany’s left-wing party’s to establish total control over society.

Stefan Majer, an official from the city’s socialist-led health department and member of the left-wing Greens Party, announced the new restrictions. These impositions target Christians, public gatherings, and limits public alcohol consumption. In addition, citizens are mandated to cover their mouth and noses with masks in public area:

Clearer contact restrictions: Stays in public spaces are only permitted alone, in groups of a maximum of five people or with relatives from a maximum of two households.

Expansion of the mask requirement: Mask requirement now applies to all public events and in public facilities. In addition, a mouth and nose cover must now be worn in the entire area within the Alleenring and north of the railway line in Sachsenhausen. We recommend wearing it in the rest of the city.

Cancellation of the Christmas market

Alcohol consumption ban: During the curfew from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m., alcohol is no longer allowed to be drunk anywhere in the public space in the city. This still applies all day in the specially designated places.

Police have begun issuing corona violators a 50 Euro fine. Almost 300 violations have already been over the weekend. Police departments will be increasing the number of officers on patrol to make sure restaurants, bars, pubs, train and bus stations are in full compliance.

Public Service Announcements are being broadcasted from police car speakers throughout Frankfurt warning people of rules surrounding mandatory face covering. Watch the following video translated by RAIR Foundation USA:

Transcript: many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation

“To all pedestrians on Schweizer Strasse: Due to the increasing corona numbers, the city of Frankfurt has decided in a general decree that in every shopping street as well as (every?) Schweizer street, mouth and nose covers are to be worn on the street to protect everyone at all times.Put on a mouth and nose cover, otherwise you may be fined.” /

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