Germany: Islamic terrorist from Cologne wanted to force a quicker approval of his asylum application by means of his bomb attack

Terror alert and major police operation in Cologne at the beginning of October! A nail bomb had been discovered in a parked regional train, which only later turned out to be non-functional. A man (21 years old) from Lüdenscheid, who was arrested almost a week later, confessed to the crime. On Wednesday new details about his motive became known.

The Syrian refugee is said to have deposited the alleged explosive device because, according to his own statements, he was “dissatisfied with the processing of his asylum application and his current status under aliens law”. This is the result of a report by the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of the Interior to the state parliament in Düsseldorf.

After entering Germany in September 2017, the suspect had applied for asylum and received a residence permit in August 2020. During interrogation, he stated that he assumed that the parcel would be found immediately – and that he could thus draw attention “to his current living situation”.

When the package, which had initially been hidden in a rubbish bin, was not discovered, he went to the toilet again on the train journey from Lüdenscheid to Engelskirchen and put it in a more visible place.Shortly after the man’s arrest, the police reported: “The 21-year-old’s motive was dissatisfaction with his precarious social situation. He had wanted to attract public attention with his crime.As the Ministry informed the Home Office, the parcel was wrapped in adhesive tape and a fuse was sticking out. “The package contained an explosive (black powder pellets/pyrotechnical powder from New Year’s Eve rockets), two firecrackers about 2-3 cm long, fibreglass insulation and mixed in metal balls, nails and screws. It was a homemade, non-functional bomb,” the report said.So far, according to the Ministry, the suspect has been completely unpunished. Now he is under investigation for disturbing the public peace by threatening to commit crimes in de facto unity with pretence of a crime.

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