AfD member urges EU Parliament: ‘Stop this ideological gender nonsense!’

An AfD European delegate, Guido Reil, says he cannot quite understand the absurd claim that women are particularly affected by “climate change”.

Based on his own field research, he said the opposite was the case: “I got to know a lot of women – most of them like it warm,” Reil said mockingly in a statement in the EU Parliament on Thursday. He added that only rich and privileged women seemed to be involved in climate activism.

Nor could he understand the other nonsense that the EU Parliament dealt with day in and day out: Feminist foreign policy. “Whatever is that supposed to be?” Reil responded. Also equality between men and women in foreign and security policy and gender-specific asylum and migration policy, were some of the other peculiar pastimes of the assembly, he pointed out.

He said these ridiculous issues were only driven by women and “diversity” candidates looking for easy jobs which ordinary taxpayers had to fund.

His lack of understanding for such issues, with which the EU wants to establish itself as a global superpower, causes confused looks from members in the leftist parliamentary groups.

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