The two victims of the Islamic terrorist of Dresden were a gay couple

The two tourists who had been attacked by an Islamist in Dresden were a gay couple. One of them survived his severe injuries, the other one died shortly after the attack.I strongly suspect that the Syrian/Mohammedan saw that they were a gay couple, maybe a gesture, a certain style of dress, physical contact, whatever, and that was sufficient to be slaughtered. The sooner gays in particular understand where a misunderstood tolerance with the “religion of peace” is leading to, that is what is making this crime all too obvious, the better. In the future they will never be able to live in a free country again, neither will they be able to visit a place (bar, café etc.) without risk, because an attack on it cannot be excluded, or an attack as soon as they leave the place, this also applies to all kinds of gay meeting places, of course also to life in the oh so “diverse, cosmopolitan, multicultural” neighbourhood, one thinks of the gay stronghold in the Berlin district of Schöneberg, nor the flashy celebrations at parties and CSD’s. Gay life in particular will once again be a persecuted one, which will be characterised by a retreat from the public into the private sphere, as it is too dangerous in public. The gay Kevin Kühnert has just spoken out and criticised the silence of the left on the slaughter crime against the teacher Samuel Paty. Then he probably had an idea of what the life of gays in Germany (and Europe) might look like in the near future. Here you can see the obituary…

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