Did the ISIS terrorist kill out of homophobia in Dresden, Germany?


Since my angel no longer guards me, he can spread his wings and split the silence of the stars because he no longer has to hold the fearful hands of my lonely night – since my angel no longer guards me. (Rainer Maria Rilke)

These are moving words in the obituary (photo above) of a seriously injured man. They are the words of a man who lost his partner in the terrorist knife attack in Dresden. They are the words of Oliver (53 years old) from Cologne, who lost his partner Thomas L. (55 years old) from Krefeld in Dresden. Oliver himself was seriously injured during the attack by ISIS terrorist Abdullah Al Haj Hasan (20 years old).

Motive for murder: hatred of gays?

According to information from the tabloid “BILD”, homophobia was the only conclusive motive for the murder of the homosexual couple after the terrorist attack. In fact, the captured ISIS terrorist represents a radical Islamic view.

Abdullah Al Haj Hasan made no secret of his opinions before and during his more than three-year prison sentence (released only five days before the murder).

Haj Hasan looked for instructions on how to build explosive belts on the net, trying to find allies. In the asylum centre, he threatened a refugee of Christian faith: “I will slaughter you today. You have a big mouth and I will cut off your tongue, you Christian.”Hatred of those who think differently is clearly noticeable in the Syrian who is classified as a dangerous person. The authorities believe that on October 4 in Dresden he became aware of Oliver and Thomas L. as a couple and attacked them with a kitchen knife. The older homosexual died, the younger survived seriously injured.


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