The left is alive and burning in Chile, too

By Silvio Canto, Jr.

What do Santiago, Chile and Portland, Oregon have in common?  They didn’t for have anything in common a long time until the radical left and the anarchists started burning everything that they could away with.

Does this sound familiar?  Check this from PanAm post:    

The Communist Party of Chile and its associates have sown among young people the idea that the state has the power to not only govern morality but that it can and should govern and deliver even goods and services. 

So much so that they intend to achieve their long-awaited “equality” through a constitution that guarantees “social rights.” In the words of Henry Hazlitt: “Marxism is not only belligerently atheistic but seeks to destroy religion precisely because it believes it to be “the opium of the people” — i.e., because it supports a “bourgeois” morality that deprecates the systematic deceit, lying, treachery, lawlessness, confiscation, violence.” To be fair, they are not burning churches in Portland.  However, they did go after statues of saints in other cities.   So what’s going on? We are watching an international movement to destroy the West.  They are not flying airplanes into our buildings anymore, or at least not for a while.  Instead, they have poisoned the young people in universities with ideas that the U.S. is inherently racist and that capitalism only benefits white men. Sadly, they’ve succeeded far beyond expectations.  This is what we are seeing in Santiago, Chile, or the most prosperous country in Latin America. How do we stop it?  It won’t be easy because the anarcho-communist radical left are willing to kill you if they can.  The first step is to reelect President Trump and send a message that Americans are fed up with these criminals. I’m optimistic but also lighting a few candles to my favorite saints.

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