Sudanese suspected of deadly stabbing will become a burden to Dutch taxpayers

Rik van de Rakt. Facebook

Rik van de Rakt was found dead next to his bicycle in what police said appeared to be a gratuitous attack. Eyewitnesses say the migrant may have been involved in another attack earlier that day too. According to Dutch daily the Telegraaf, he was in a “state of mental confusion” when he was arrested at Oss station.

At the court in Den Bosch, during a second so-called pre-trial hearing recently, the parties involved appeared to have been informed by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) about the intention to deport the suspect. But that may never happen anyway, because according to an expert report, the Sudanese migrant was so confused on Sunday morning, April 19, that the atrocity cannot be blamed on him.

He was completely insane, they claim. On a cycle path in Oss, he stabbed Rik van de Rakt with a knife, who happened to pass by on his way to work.

There are no longer any questions about the facts, the state prosecutor said. It has now also been established that blood spatters on Rick’s backpack originated from the suspect.

The main question is what will happen to Abdallah A. if he is indeed convicted of deliberately stabbing the Dutchman to death. According to experts, the migrant cannot continue without treatment.

This also makes it impossible to deport the suspect, public prosecutor Sandra Kierkels pointed out. “The Dutch State has a duty of care. Given the complex problems, there is a risk that he cannot be properly received in Sudan.” This consideration is will not be changed by the sentence that the judge will pronounce at the next session, she emphasized.

Lawyer Tom Deckwitz successfully asked for further advice from experts on a so-called “care authorization” whereby medication can be administered under duress. According to the psychiatrist, the man should take pills for a long time, but the suspect himself does not see the need for this. Dutch taxpayers will therefore be footing the bill for his life-long treatment.

Both the public prosecutor and the lawyer emphasized that it was very difficult for them to talk to the suspect. This is partly due to the language barrier, but also due to the man’s psychological problems.

The accused Abdallah A. was not in court. Only the victim Rik van de Rakt’s parents were there to receive a report on the accused’s mental state.

The victim and the refugee both lived in the nearby town of Heesch. The village made headlines four years ago when residents protested against plans to create a migrant reception center by hanging two dead pigs from a tree in the proposed location. The asylum center was never built.

But how could crucial information about a status holder’s mental health not be shared with the municipality where he was placed? Parliamentary questions were submitted to the State Secretary in July after an investigative report showed that authorities involved in the housing and guidance of the Sudanese suspect in the murder of Rik van de Rakt had blundered considerably because the relevant information was not shared.

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