“He wants to be treated like a king”: Arab clan member terrorises his German neighbourhood

Abdulkadir O., son of Lebanese immigrants, belongs to the Rammo clan. The police clearance certificate of the unemployed man counts 30 entries. Among them: Theft, dangerous assault, robbery and violation of the weapons law.

The 36-year-old does not have a completed school education. He lives in the Berlin district of Spandau together with his partner and his six children. The other residents of the multi-party house suffer from their criminal neighbour. Again and again they are insulted and threatened by the Arab, as a documentary by Spiegel TV shows.Hundreds of photos and videos show how aggressively the clan member behaves in arguments. Among other things, you can see how the hallway and entrance area of the house are heavily soiled with raw eggs. Between April 2016 and May 2019, 265 incidents were reported to the police.

The residents of the Berlin apartment building meet frequently to discuss how to deal with Abdulkadir O. In order to keep up to date with the latest news, they have set up a chat group. The broadcast report gives an idea of how much they suffer from their neighbour who, according to police records, has a “considerable criminal record”.

One woman tells of her encounters with the clan member: “When he sees me, he burps provocatively. Another resident talks about how Abdulkadir O. keeps threatening her: “You haven’t felt this hand yet. Just wait until I go and call my brothers.” Another lady says: “He wants to be treated like a king.”

In fact, Abdulkadir O. should not even still live in Germany. In a ruling dated August 26, 2019, which has been submitted to the magazine “Der Spiegel”, it says: “You will be expelled from the Federal Republic of Germany. Your application for the extension of your residence title of November 25, 2014 is rejected.

However, as the Arab does not have a passport, deportation proves to be difficult. Abdulkadir O. has filed a complaint against the expulsion. The current political situation in Lebanon also makes the deportation more difficult.The police have made a family tree of the Rammo extended family. This dates back to the year 1873. From Abdulkadir O’s. Mother is said to have made the statement:”Prison makes real men.” She herself gave birth to 17 children.”So the clan continues to grow, becomes more and more powerful”, says Mathias Rohe from the University of Erlangen, who has been studying the structures of the Arab clans for years. In the Spiegel TV documentary, he further explains that the power of the clans is due to the strong feeling of togetherness.

O. will soon be on trial for the incidents in his neighbourhood. Resident Janis J. tells reporters about a threatening SMS he received in the course of the upcoming trial. It said that “the sleepers in Germany” want to kill Janis and others “in the morning hours with a samurai sword”. Janis J. should be careful.

Tracing the mailing number leads the police nowhere. Because they suspect Abdulkadir O., they search his flat. In various hiding places the officers find 31 mobile phones. It is not yet known what will happen to the clan member.


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