African rapist rages in German court: “If I were a “white man” I would not be persecuted!”

A 37-year-old man, who sexually assaulted and harassed two women on a regional train on the journey from Munich to Dachau at the end of April this year, has been sentenced to four years and two months’ imprisonment by the Regional Court of Munich II. The public prosecutor demanded seven years and three months for the crime. The 37-year-old’s lawyer had pleaded for the imposition of a prison sentence of three years and six months. A clash broke out after the judgement was delivered. The defendant began to complain loudly that he had been given a prison sentence for the crime. If he were a “white man”, the accused, who was from Nigeria, claimed that he would not be prosecuted.

Shortly after the regional train had left Munich in the late evening of April the 30th, the accused sat down next to a woman he did not know and engaged her in an insinuating conversation.Shortly before the train entered Dachau station, the 37-year-old suddenly exposed his penis and began tampering with it.When the woman got up to leave, the defendant, who lives in the district of Pfaffenhofen, touched her in the genital area. He then tore her to the floor, lay down on her, squeezed her mouth so that she could not scream and partially undressed her. Although her mouth was covered, the 36-year-old managed to scream, so that another passenger on the upper floor of the double-decker railcar became aware and stepped in. After she had freed herself, the 36-year-old triggered an alarm. She had been in “emotional chaos” after the attack, the woman reported during her questioning in court. She had felt dizzy and ill.The court had access to surveillance camera images of the assault. They show how the 37-year-old threatened the intervening passenger with a broken beer bottle after the crime, but then left the compartment and walked on through the train. In the process he met a mother with her twelve-year-old son. The accused suddenly grabbed her left breast. He then bent over the woman and said to her:”You are lucky to have a child with you, otherwise you would be fucked.!amp?fbclid=IwAR1CFxTZ9kLOYF7bAXZouMlGLHlbYz4rCLIiYZp-b04VB4Qd3fEjyQtNkOw

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