Knife attack in Dresden, Germany: Public prosecutor’s office withheld Islamist background of suspect for a fortnight

Days after the crime, T-Online reported on an intensive search for the perpetrator and feedback after calling witnesses. It is more interesting here that the MDR broadcasting station reported as early as October 6th that the survivor had already been interrogated by the police about the course of the crime, i.e. had presumably also been able to provide information about the profile of the offender. Here too, however, it is said that further details could not be given for reasons of investigation.But if such a perpetrator continues to be at large for another 14 days, when does the responsible public prosecutor’s office actually think it is necessary to inform the public via the media? After all, it is not the police, but the public prosecutor’s office that is in charge of the investigation.[…]

Of course, the outraged public is also aware of the attempts to cover up the Cologne New Year’s Eve with hundreds of rape reports, as well as the cover-up of the looting of Stuttgart in terms of party events.

Viewed in this light, the circumstances of the Dresden murder also point the assumptions made by the citizens in a particular direction right from the start.

And 14 days later, the public prosecutor’s office has to put up with the urgent question of whether the riots and distortions surrounding the murder in Chemnitz, for example, were the reason why “investigative tactical considerations” were pretended for so long.Did they not want to provoke demonstrations that would have had to be defamed politically and in the media as Nazi marches?

Obviously, the political pressure on the Dresden public prosecutor’s office must have been particularly strong. And if not expressed openly, then at least noticeably so. But all this is a waste of time, because apparently Dresden had particularly good policemen and a capable public prosecutor’s office, which kept calm and initially let the perpetrator believe that he was not on the trail. The success of the manhunt – however much luck may have been a factor in it – now clearly speaks for them.

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