Germany: Iraqi refugees infected with Corana spit on security staff at a shelter for refugees

A video has appeared, which presumably shows a physical confrontation between security forces and residents of the refugee accommodation in the Niederzwehren district of Kassel. The alleged reason for the clash: four residents of the initial reception centre infected with the coronavirus are said to have spit on three security forces on Friday afternoon.Therefore, a 44-year-old woman, a 22-year-old man as well as a 13- and 16-year-old resident, all of whom are from Iraq, are being investigated on suspicion of dangerous bodily injury, police spokesman Matthias Mänz said when asked.A first police operation had already been carried out on Friday morning, as reported by the newspaper HNA. The police had been called because of a scuffle between the security forces and the residents. Due to the quarantine measures in the facility, the atmosphere had been heated up. When the police arrived at 11:15 am, the situation had already calmed down.Friday afternoon is different. Around 5 p.m. the police had been called again because of a violent argument, according to the police spokesman. During this argument, the four residents are said to have spat at three security guards after they had removed their face masks. The 44-year-old woman is also accused of having scratched a member of the security staff.The newspaper HNA has a 28-second video recording, which probably shows scenes from the fight after the spitting attack. It shows four security forces in a physical confrontation with two refugees. A woman is also involved in the fight. A short scene shows a security guard beating a refugee lying on the ground. In the end, both men are overpowered by the security forces.The Giessen Regional Council confirms the incident, which according to the authority took place as follows: On Friday, a family that had tested positive had misused the possibility of being allowed to stay outdoors to attack and spit on security staff. “In order to protect other residents and themselves, the security staff had to prevent the family from doing so. The family only calmed down after the police arrived,” explained the spokesman of the Regional Council, Oliver Kessler, on Monday evening.Security staff would be given the opportunity to be tested voluntarily on Wednesday. This date takes into account the necessary incubation period.On Saturday, October 10th, the Regional Council of Giessen informed about corona infections in the initial reception centre in Niederzwehren. Initially, the authority assumed three corona cases. In the meantime, the number has risen to 111, and two employees are affected in addition to 109 residents. Since the infections in the refugee accommodation on Frankfurter Street became known, the residents have been in quarantine.

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