BREAKING: Syrian knife attacker from Dresden is an IS terrorist

Bild könnte enthalten: 1 Person, Text „FAKTINATER Faktinator @faktinator 24m Innerhalb 2 Wochen fanden in #Berlin und #Dresden 2 islamistische Anschläge mit 7 Schwerverletzten und 2 Toten statt Der in #Dresden verhaftete Islamist wurde vor 5 Tagen aus dem Knast entlassen. @BAMF_Dialog und @BMI_Bund haben wieder gnadenlos versagt Bild Terror-Verdacht in Dresden: Messer-Mörder ist verurteilter IS-Anhänger“

According to the newspaper “Bild-Zeitung”, the 20-year-old Syrian had already been subject to criminal charges in the past and was known to the police. The migrant had been in Germany since 2015 and was on a temporary suspension of deportation.

Just now the “Bild” reported another interesting detail:

“The Criminal Senate considered it proven that H. had not only used symbols of ISIS in his Facebook profile, but had also propagated Jihad via social networks and called on like-minded people to fight as martyrs against so-called infidels.

In addition, he searched the net for instructions on how to build an explosive belt, among other things. In 2018, the Islamic Studies scholar Dr Steinberg from Berlin prepared an expert opinion for the investigators based on the data secured at that time, such as chat, pictures and videos.

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