Things may soon get a lot worse for Hunter and Joe Biden

By Andrea Widburg

Hunter Biden is a truly pathetic human being. He’s an addict who’s rolled in and out of rehab because of his serious drug and alcohol abuse. The recently released emails reveal a man with horrifically low self-esteem. They also indicate that his father pimped Hunter to foreign governments to act as a bag man for bribes. However, it’s possible to be both pathetic and evil. In this case, the evil may exist, not just because Hunter sold out his country, but also because there are increasingly credible rumors that Hunter’s hard drive holds child pornography.

The first reference to child pornography on Hunter’s hard drive came from Chanel Rion, of OAN. A day after the New York Post story broke, she tweeted that, having seen some of the contents on Hunter’s hard drive, there were disturbing indications that he is obsessed with underage girls:

If untrue, Rion’s assertion about “underage obsessions” is almost certainly a libelous statement, even though Hunter is a public figure. That means that Rion had better be darn certain she’s right to make that statement.

Several conservative news sites of possibly dubious reliability piled on, asserting that an unnamed whistleblower claims that there are videos showing Hunter sexually abusing underage Chinese girls. At this stage, these assertions are best ignored and I will not link to them.

Having said that, there is one serious piece of evidence suggesting that Hunter Biden’s computer does contain content involving underage sex. The FBI has had possession of the computer since December 2019. To the extent that it contains information about events in Ukraine, the FBI did nothing. Disappointingly, it failed in its obligation to report to the Trump administration and to Congress whether the information was legitimate, which would have ended the Ukraine Hoax, or was a misinformation scheme, which would have required national security efforts to shut it down.

Although the FBI failed on the Ukraine issue, one FBI agent acted on the information on the hard drive. Thus, an agent named Joshua Wilson served a subpoena on John Paul MacIsaac’s computer repair store.

That FBI agent’s name is intriguing. According to a March 2019 news story in the New Jersey Star-Ledger, an FBI agent named Joshua Wilson works in a “depraved world,” because he’s one of the agents fighting child pornography:

The pornography itself focuses mostly on prepubescent children, experts and investigators said. Collins reports that of the identified victims her clearinghouse sees again and again in images and videos, 76 percent are preteen or young teenagers who have yet to show physical signs of sexual maturation.

Among that 76 percent, one in 10 is an infant or toddler.

Meanwhile, the abuse seems to know no bounds.

“You are seeing babies having their diapers removed so they can be assaulted,” said Joshua Wilson, an FBI agent based in New Jersey who has spent nearly five years working full time on child pornography.

It’s entirely possible that there is more than one FBI agent named Joshua Wilson. That is, the Joshua Wilson on the subpoena is not necessarily the same Joshua Wilson who, as of a year-and-a-half ago, had spent nearly five years working the FBI’s child pornography beat.

However, in an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday morning, Sen. Ron Johnson strongly implied that the subpoena did involve concerns about child pornography on the hard drive:

BARTIROMO: There is a further analysis of the subpoena’s handwriting and it suggests that the supobena was served by an FBI agent who, his name is Joshua Wilson. And over the last five years, he has been working on child pornography issues. Connect the dots. If an FBI agents is working on child pornography issues for five years, why is he subpoenaing the laptop of Hunter Biden? Is there a connection here? Should this suggest that there’s a child pornography issue hee on that laptop.

JOHNSON: Well, I think you just made the connection. Again, this is what the FBI I think has to come clean about this. This isn’t a standard investigation, where you know if the FBI doesn’t indict somebody that everything remains confidential. This is something that, as we were talking about, relates to national security.

Johnson is a bit cagey about the whole thing, but it’s notable that he doesn’t scoff at Bartiromo’s question. Instead, he says that it’s a legitimate question. That carries with it the implication that Johnson knows something.

It’s sad that we find it so believable that there may be child pornography on the Hunter hard drive. However, Hunter has led such a sleazy life – meth binges, hookers, impregnating a stripper, taking up with his brother’s widow – that it’s not a big step to imagine him sliding further into immorality. This is especially true if a government hostile to the U.S.’s interests (say, for example, China) wanted to compromise him so as to have a hold over his father.

We’ve learned from the Jeffrey Epstein affair that the very rich and powerful don’t feel that ordinary morality applies to them. That’s why this coming week should be interesting. It may prove that all the rumors are wrong. Alternatively, it could reveal that the man who was our former vice president and who is now the current Democrat presidential candidate has been engaged in dirty dealing, using as a go-between a son who lives in a world of unbelievable depravity.

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