Is France ready to defeat those who beheaded a teacher?

He had a beautiful face and a beautiful name, Samuel Paty.A name and a face destroyed and cut off, literally, by an Islamist of Chechen origin, one of those that France has cultivated within its borders.

A high school teacher who believed in freedom, justice, equality and brotherhood and who died when a community of Islamic lunatics lay in ambush to behead him.

One moment. Crazy people? Lunatics? No, barbarian warriors who fulfill the great Quranic mandate to fight the infidels wherever they are, In Gaza as in Marseille, in London as in Oslo.

One day they attacked the Jews. Okay, they were “only” Jews … Then they killed the cartoonists. Okay, they were “only” cartoonists, and even provocateurs. Then they hit a priest in a small church in Normandy, cutting his throat. OK, he was “only” an old priest in a country that is no longer Christian, at a mass where there were only a handful of old women. Then they hit everyone, en masse: tourists, young people dancing, people celebrating July 14 … Then they hit inside the Paris Police headquarters.

Now they strike in the more common, open, ordinary side of the French Republic: an anonymous teacher, a father of a family, who wanted to teach his students about freedom of expression.

Which teacher will now want to explain about the Crusades, the Shoah, Israel, colonialism, the Judeo-Christian roots of Europe, freedom of speech, to their students?

The errorists are winning, step by step.

France, and this is the sad truth, is perhaps not recoverable. It’s too late. Metastasis is not curable.

Emmanuel Macron gave an important speech, he went in front of the school, he used harsh words, he is preparing a law against “Islamic separatism”. But is the French state really ready to defeat these enemies? And then, how many are there, out of an Islamic population of 6 million -. 6 million? Some say 9 million, because in France you can’t even know how many there are anymore.

Where do they nest? How many mosques should they close? How many people should they track, as if they are fighting an ideological Covid?

Perhaps France, and this is another sad truth, would be recoverable only by setting in motion a trial of its largest minority; driving out hundreds of radical imams; stopping foreign Islamic funds and banning the dignitaries of Middle Eastern regimes who set foot there and donate their money for mosques and Islamization; by ordering the army to enter the suburbs and clear out the Salafite cells. There is a shadow army that has 20,000 Frenchmen under the surveillance of its counter-terrorism units.

Can a Western democracy, which no longer believes in itself, which only believes in bistros and shopping, really win such a war?

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