European education should focus on eradicating ‘increasing populism’

The education ministers of Germany’s federal states have spoken out in favor of interfering in school lessons due to an “increasing populism”.

Also, the situation of migrants has shown that a “united Europe is more important than ever”, announced the President of the Conference of Ministers of Education (KMK), Stefanie Hubig (SPD).

That is why the ministers have updated their recommended educational program “European Education in Schools” from 2008. The institutions received “a large number of practical tips on materials, programs, competitions, institutions and extracurricular partners for teaching,” said the Rhineland-Palatinate Education Minister. The aim of the concept is to raise children to be responsible citizens of Europe.

“School is the central place where the European idea can be conveyed and pupils can develop the necessary knowledge and skills for shaping the future of Europe”, explained Hubig.

It is about a common historical legacy that is “inseparable from the values ​​of democracy, peace and freedom”. Germany not only benefits economically by strengthening Europe, but “populists and nationalists, their prejudices and resentments” consequently have no place, the KMK President emphasized.

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