A French Teacher Showed a Mohammed Cartoon, a Muslim Terrorist Beheaded Him

Islamic terrorism doesn’t follow quarantine orders. The only way to quarantine it is withimmigration policy.

The victim was beheaded, authorities said. He was a male teacher at a local middle school who had received threats after mentioning the controversial Charlie Hebdo cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed during a lesson, according to police. The lesson prompted a complaint from one of the parents.

The class was on freedom of expression.

One could point out the irony, but the irony is long since dead.

At least French authorities were willing to call it an Islamist terrorist attack. You can sneer, but few Democrats would do it.

Speaking Friday night from the middle school, French President Emmanuel Macron said the teacher was the victim of a “blatant Islamist terrorist attack.”

“One of our fellow citizens … was murdered today for teaching, for teaching students freedom of speech, freedom to believe and not to believe,” he said. “It is no coincidence that this evening it is a teacher that this terrorist killed because he wanted to bring down the Republic in its values.”

Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer reacted to the incident on Twitter.

“Tonight, it is the Republic that is under attack with the vile assassination of one of its servants, a professor,” he said. “I think tonight of him, of his family. Our unity and firmness are the only answers to the monstrosity of Islamist terrorism. We will stand up.”

The killer, allegedly an 18-year-old Chechen from Russia, was shot dead. But I’m sure that we’ll get the usual excuses soon enough

1. Mental illness

2. Drug use

3. Failure to integrate


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