Muslim “Swede of the Year” incited against Jews and gays on the net

Hamid Zafar has long been celebrated in Sweden as a prime example of successful integration. The native Afghan was even named “Sweden of the Year”. But on the net, the Muslim showed his true colours.The unanimous reputation of Hamid Zafar, who was named ” Swede of the Year” in 2018, seems to have dimmed. For years, the Afghan, celebrated as a symbol of integration, is said to have used the Internet to incite hatred against Jews and homosexuals.The reports of Zafar’s alleged double life have since caused consternation in the Swedish media. The Afghan is known nationwide and has been working for the integration of young people with a migration background at various levels for several years. Hamid Zafar was also appointed as an expert on extremist Islam, while Zafar showed his true colours under the supposed protection of anonymity. “Zionist donkey” or “Zionist dog” were expressions he had used on a Twitter account.When he argued with a former member of the Social Democratic Party in the Swedish Parliament about the attack committed by Breivik, he is said to have written to the politician: “Will we see you begging and praying on your poor Jewish knees?To spread his crude theories on the net, the “Swede of the Year” used several pseudonyms. The Muslim is also said to have run his own blogs, in which against Jews and homosexuals were incited. He also accused the Swedish church there of being steeped in ” sodomy”. Strangely enough, Zafar himself used to work as a teacher of religion.The revealings of the Swedish media were not without consequences for Hamid Zafar. Several contracts were terminated and a TV appearance with him that had already been planned was cancelled.

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