Germany: 14-year-old girl drugged and raped? The accused Pakistani is denying everything

The girl who is said to have been drugged and then raped by Taswar A. (28 years old) was just 14 years old. But during the trial before the regional court, which began on Monday, the Pakistani living in the Wilmersdorf district denied the accusation and claimed: “Everything that happened was by mutual agreement.In May 2020 he claims to have met Jenny (name changed) at Alexanderplatz in Berlin. “I was there with a friend. She with a friend.” They started talking while drinking beer. Finally, the girl asked him for his mobile phone number.”She actually called me on the 25th, wanted to meet up.” First at the Alexanderplatz. “Where do you live?”, she asked him there. Together they went to the underground station Konstanzer Street.The accused said: “I went to get some beers from the Rewe supermarket. She rolled a joint.” She then asked him: “Do you want some? Doesn’t hurt you.” Until then, he claims he had nothing to do with drugs.An assertion which is in stark contrast to the indictment. It is based on the assumption that the accused was financing his living as a dealer and had not only sold ecstasy to the underage girl several times in the past, but had also given her about 0.75 grams of cocaine that evening in his flat.

Jenny had become sick from it. She had vomited in the bathroom. Couldn’t walk on her own after that. Taswar A. is said to have taken advantage of her helpless situation, undressed her lying motionless on the mattress, rubbed her back with oil and then raped her. A flatmate heard her cries of pain.

The accused claimed: “It was not like that. She asked me to massage her, took off her vest. She kissed me, took off her panties … And after that? “We sat together for a moment. “Then she wanted to go home.”Why she made the accusations of rape afterwards? “It was a real shock for me. I hadn’t done anything.” Later, after she had left, he saw her talking to two boys in the street. “She must have told them something like that. They came up to me and pushed me and hit me.”

Back home, the police were already looking for him.

Judge: “So you had nothing to do with narcotics? The accused: “I have taken one or two in my life.” Judge: “Drugs were found in a backpack in the flat. Defendant: “The rucksack was with my buddy.” Judge: “And the substances in her blood?” Defendant: “I can’t explain it.”

The trial continues on Friday ( 16th of October).

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