Brave Armenians teach the cowardly West a lesson in courage

by Giulio Meotti

To a West where no one seems to want to fight anymore or care anymore about their own traditions, where they spit on their own history, topple their statues and erase their own culture, where the land no longer sends any echo, the Armenians, small, scattered around the world, forgotten and barricaded, now at war for Nagorno against the Islamic Ummah led by Turkey, show us a path in which we do not allow ourselves to be overwhelmed.

Half of Nagorno’s population, 75,000 people, has been displaced due to Turkish-backed Azerbaijan attacks. We must hope they resist. I have just read a beautiful letter that the French actor Simon Abkarian addressed to Erdogan from the pages of Le Figaro:

“We Armenians fight for the future of our children, remembering our dead who refuse to die a second time. Despite your weapons, despite your religious rumors, despite your jihadists at $2,000 a month, you won’t win. Take your dead and go, the land of the Armenians is the land of knowledge, the land of honey and roses. You wouldn’t know what to do with it. Here women are queens of joy. And the girls have no certificate to present to any man. Here music and wine are indispensable remedies. Here we can believe or not believe. Because our country is not a country, it is a crossroads. And do you know who crosses it? All of humanity. If you think of slaughtering us like lambs, know that we grew up under the belly of lionesses”.

It would be wondnerful if a European man of letters, actor or politician had written that letter about his culture, too.

“I am convinced that civilization will triumph. Civilization cannot fail to win; a nation that wants to live cannot fail to win. There is no doubt that the Armenian people, who have lived on planet Earth for several thousand years, have the will to live”. This is how the Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan explains the ongoing conflict in Nagorno between Armenians and Azeris. He is right, but civilization has not always triumphed in history.

Europe sleeps, comatose. And it suffers the same blackmail that for years prevented many European parliaments from recognizing the Armenian genocide. It is no secret that the target of this monstrous terrorist network is the Armenian people, their towns and villages, their right to live freely.

Europe is helpless in the face of Turkish expansionism in Libya, in Syria, against Greece, against migrants and now against Armenia. We are ruled by servants who would be willing to become Gray Wolves for a plate of Turkish peanuts.

Erdogan and Aliyev, the Azerbaijani dictator, say “One Nation two States”. It is a pity to them that in the middle there is Christian and millenary Armenia, survivor of a genocide that they do not recognize …If the Turks were able to defeat and drive out the Armenians, who could stop their will to expand their power in Europe?

Armenians are left alone, very lonely, in this war of Islamist mercenaries and violent regimes, by a pusillanimous Europe tied hand and foot to Turkey. Western countries should not only follow in the footsteps of Canada, which has suspended the sale of arms to Turkey, but should immediately recognize the Republic of Artsakh as a sovereign country protected by international law. Armenia is a bastion of civilization to defend.

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