Germany: Syrian smashes car window and attacks a female driver with a knife

Last Friday morning, during a police operation in Essing, the use of firearms caused injury to a 25-year-old Syrian from the Kelheim district.The police have been called to the scene of an alleged dispute between the 25-year-old man and a 56-year-old woman. Police came to the aid of the woman, who was in a car when the 25-year-old aggressor attacked the woman from the outside. He had previously smashed the side window with a stone. The man was holding a knife in his hand. After a policewoman fired a warning shot, to which the attacker did not react, she fired another shot at the 25-year-old’s legs.He was admitted to hospital injured. The kind and seriousness of the injuries cannot be specified at this stage. There is no danger to life. The 56-year-old German suffered a cut on her hand in the course of the fight and had to be treated in a hospital.According to initial findings, the assailant and his victim knew each other before today’s confrontation. The reason for the dispute and the specific circumstances of the dispute are currently being investigated. The Landshut criminal police and the Regensburg public prosecutor’s office are investigating him on suspicion of an attempted homicide.On the order of the Regensburg public prosecutor’s office, the 25-year-old was temporarily arrested. He is to be brought before an investigating judge. In addition, as is customary in such cases, the Bavarian State Office of Criminal Investigation is also involved in the investigation and is investigating the police shooting.

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