France: Imam arrested for being a part of a child pornography ring

In France, the police arrested 61 people in a coordinated operation against the child porn scene. The operation, which involved hundreds of police officers, was called “Police2Pédo”. It is explosive that a Muslim imam was among those arrested. Politicians and teachers are also accused of involvement.Thirty police departments with a total of 220 men were deployed during the attack. 60 police officers were employed in the investigation.Finally, 60 men and one woman were arrested simultaneously, and hundreds of telephones, laptops and other electronic devices were confiscated. The investigation was carried out with the help of U.S. software developed by the Child Rescue Coalition. The FBI is smuggling the software into peer-to-peer networks where users share their deviant child pornography without requiring central servers. Investigations were based on the criminal content downloaded in conjunction with the Internet addresses used.

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